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Euroedge Hockey Advisors has built its reputation and trust on keeping our players best interests in mind. Our players satisfaction and experience come first.  Period.

By working with only the BEST North American Junior A hockey clubs, Euroedge will place your athlete on a team with a personality that fits their own.  All of our USHL, NAHL, NCDC, WSHL, NA3HL and USPHL partners are established, honest and have a passion to develop hard working hockey players to the next level.  Mikko, Jay and Ilari are energetic, proactive and positive advisors, that have both coaching and playing experience, which enables them to cater to what their players want to accomplish from their North American/European hockey experience.

We are completely aware of the reputation that recruitment and player placement companies have in the hockey world. In many cases that reputation is completely accurate. At Euroedge, we are not interested in the “hype” and the selling of false dreams that surround so many of these organizations. This is the kind of nonsense that takes away from what players really need, and the real issues at hand, in helping these athletes reach the next level. We concentrate and work on behalf of our players – making this truly a great experience for our clients.


We get to know our players and their families. We take your hockey development personally.  This personal approach helps us match the right coaching and team environment with each player.  Euroedge can help you sort out your city, coach and team choices – then narrow them down to those that best fit your skill and personality. We will always explain the team and ownership features to you in plain language, no foreign jargon that is confusing – we will leave no “grey” areas – so that when you arrive to play in North America/Europe – you will be mentally set to compete at the highest level.
Worried about travel, VISA and international communications? Euroedge can assist you with VISA application, traveling arrangements and setting down in the USA.
Our services do not stop once you have made your team selection. Once you have acquired your new team itinerary, Euroedge is there at any time to help you with questions about hockey, team issues, college recruiting or housing concerns. Our goal is make our clients’ transition to this new lifestyle and hockey adventure – a positive one – and one to remember for a lifetime!



Friday, May 18 • Saturday, May 19th • Sunday, May 20th

Nokia, Finland

40 players – 18 per team and 4 goalies

  • For 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 Birth Year Players – From Europe/Russia (registration paid in full via Cashier Check, Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Paypal. Any transaction fees paid by player.)
  • Charge 495 Euros or $585.00 USA Dollars per player. 6 hours on ice. 2 hours a day. 30 minute of Flow Skill Drills – Then A Game.
  • Off ice strength and training combine 2 days – 1.5 hrs a day – Bench press – Pull ups, Cardio bike, Agility tests, Stick handling, Shooting, Activity Games, Basketball, etc.
  • 90 second FULL promo video of each player and scouting profile produced by Euroedge Advisors.
  • Access to North American Junior A leagues USHL, NAHL, USPHL, WSHL, NA3HL and NCAA D1 D3 college coaches – for team placement in the United States.
  • 10 total hours of training and consulting – Cost is $58.50 per hour of training and consulting.

All Showcase players must of played at a Premier or Elite level within their age group. All players registered will be validated based on skill set and level played. Players that are not selected to the Euroedge Showcase will still be represented by Euroedge Advisors for North American placement. Thank you for your consideration.



What sets Euroedge apart from other advisors or agent firms – is we specialize in an honest, personal placement service for our players – for an affordable fee. We work with a limited group of athletes at a time in order to focus on finding the right program for each of our players. All of our USHL, NAHL, NCDC, NA3HL and USPHL partners are all well established, honest and have a passion to develop hard working hockey players on to the next level.  Our winning team includes advisors who have both coaching and playing experience, which enables us to cater to what our players want out of their hockey experience.
  • Euroedge advisor (Full Year)
  • Complete Scouting Evaluation
  • Mentorship
  • Advising and Advocating
  • Social Media Education 
  • Junior/College Hockey Education
  • League Selections
  • Coach Recommendations
  • Nutritional Advice & Program
  • Internal Development Camp
  • External Camp Recommendation
  • Showcase Opportunities 
  • School Application/Financial Aid
  • Hockey Resume/Video Clips Updated


The Euroedge pricing structure is simple.  One low fee.  We help our players with team placement, video skills networking, VISA/Customs applications, travel arrangements and team/coaching communication – and much, much, more.  It is really that easy.  Euroedge can not guarantee a player’s success with any given team. We can only offer an opportunity to play for that team.  The rest is up to that player.  If their opportunity does not work out, Euroedge will work with the player and team to find a new opportunity with another team.


  • Team placement & introduction

  • Travel & VISA application consultation

  • Team & player communication thru the season

  • A great North American Junior A hockey experience


“Honesty is tough to find. After working with Euroedge for a short period of time –
I saw that they were 100% honest and only looking out for my son’s best interests.”


“We started working with Euroedge 10 months ago. Since that time, our son Erik has played one full Junior A’ season in the United States and is looking at advancing to a higher level for this coming season as well.”


“Our son Yannick had always dreamt of playing hockey in the United States. In 2015/16 his dream came true, when he played in the NA3HL. Yannick had the experience of a lifetime and made lifelong friends he will never forget.”